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In the car racing business it is important to use high quality graphics on your car to display important information about your team, put your sponsors in the spotlight and add the necessary style to your race car that gives it that professional and competitive edge.

What is Racing Livery?

Motorsport Graphics or Racing Livery as some people like to call it are decorative schemes that make race cars look distinctive and give sponsors exposure.

These days sponsorship is one of the most important aspects of any sport but nowhere is it as obvious as in motorsport. In other team sports, the sponsorship and corporate branding have limitations but in motorsports, the possibilities are almost endless making it an attractive option for corporate sponsors. Over the years, corporate partnerships have influenced motorsport dramatically to the point that some of the corporate racing livery have even become a part of motorsport folklore.

Why Use Motorsport Graphics?

Track cars and racing cars are not dull and therefore they should not look dull either. This is the simplest reasons to spice up the look of your car but there are a number of other reasons why people choose to update the look of their race car with motorsport graphics including:

  • Pay homage to classic racing liveries.
  • Match sponsors’ colors and to include their logos and graphics.
  • Just for fun. (Amateur weekend racers, car clubs etc)

Why Are Graphics Important For Motorsports?

Motorsport attracts a wide spectrum of followers at track side, on TV and social media platforms. It is highly addictive and evokes speed, danger, emotions and glamour. Of course this comes at a high cost. It is therefore essential for teams and drivers to find sponsors willing to invest in their passion.

Allowing a budget for quality motorsport graphics will help you to find better sponsors, who in turn will allow you to invest in the all-important research and development required to have the best possible resources for your team.

Sponsors in general are looking for maximum brand exposure in front of the right target audience. Their brand must be represented in a way that is consistent with their other corporate activities, and this is where North Lakes Signs will deliver for your sponsors.

At North Lakes Signs our high impact motorsport graphics give your vehicle:

Professionalism and therefore will attract major sponsors
Attention and therefore generate high social media interest

Motorsports Graphics Brisbane

Racing liveries represent just one aspect of car wrapping. However, it is one that the North Lakes team take great pride in and really enjoy. Motorsport graphics allows us as designers to really have fun creating unique looking race cars and complimentary signage solutions.

Motorsports Graphics We Offer:

  • Racing Numbers
  • Racing Livery Design
  • Corporate Branding
  • Sponsor Signage
  • Event Signs
  • Flags and Banners
  • Racing Stickers
  • Custom Graphic Design for Racing
  • Experts in Racing Designs
  • Trailer Vinyl Wraps
  • Car Trailer Stickers

We Make Motorsport Graphics Easy!

At North Lakes Signs, our motorsport graphics can be as simple or as unique as you would like, to help you stand out both on and off the track. As motorsport specialists, you can be confident that you will receive a high quality, professional and eye-catching design, fitted by a team of fully dedicated and highly experienced installers. We understand the importance of quick turnaround, which is why we only use the latest techniques to guarantee a quality finish.

We understand:

  • It is essential to be clear on the racing teams and sponsors’ requirements before the design process begins.
  • Well-designed car graphics will allow for maximum brand exposure with clear positioning of tier 1, 2 and 3 sponsors.
  • Using high-quality vinyl will keep your car wrap looking fresh, ensuring your sponsor logos are kept in good condition for media exposure.
  • Clever designing will avoid costly graphics on high impact areas such as bumpers: save yourself money throughout the season with less accident repair graphics costs and quicker repair turnaround.
  • An individual striking design will attract attention from the photographers and will increase your media exposure, therefore attracting better sponsors.

Looking For Eye-catching Graphics For Your Racing Car In Brisbane?

At North Lakes Signs, we approach racing livery as a collaborative process taking all of your requirements on board cultivating expert execution. We believe there’s one thing that people always remember from a race event, that one car design that really stood out. The coolest-looking car on the grid always captures the imagination of the crowd. This idea is what drives our motorsport graphics process. Some say our Motorsport graphics are lighter too so your car might just go faster!

At North Lakes Signs, we design, manufacture and install high quality professional motorsport graphics. With our dedicated team and professional experts we will make your car stand out from the crowd with high impact motorsport graphics. 

At North Lakes Signs, we have over 20 years experience within the motorsport graphics industry and we know just how to deliver race livery that will please you, your sponsors and the crowds.

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