Commercial Building Rebranding with Large Format Signage

How long has your business been established? Go outside and have a look at the outside of your commercial building. Is your building look fresh and clean? If not maybe its time for you to re paint your building or change your signs up a bit. Did you know that large corporations rebranding their business every 4- 5 years? They repaint , rebranding and ensure that their business looks new and modern with today’s trends. People like new things and its the same with business. Keeping quality workmanship or providing a great service will always bring in more customers, but word of mouth or new customers may be turned off old commercial building signage. Commercial building painting lasts for 5 years without fading in north lakes Brisbane

How you can Rebrand your Commercial Building:

  • New Painted Building
  • Large Painted logos
  • Cut out metal lettering
  • New Commercial Signage
  • Colour change to new rebranding
  • Make use of the large commercial building walls
  • Illuminated 3D Lettering Signage
  • Large Format Printed Banner skins
Commercial Building Rebranding - Building Signs North Lakes Signs 10
We painted this building orange and then used cut out letters and printed signage