What’s a Truck Signs Brisbane?

What is a Truck Sign???  Getting noticed in the trade or transport game can be difficult, creating a rolling advertisement for your business can both create exposure and opportunity.

If you have a fleet of trucks that are well maintained and professional then a  well thought out truck signs can make sure people remember the brand and professionalism of your service. Especially in  trade game other tradesman may see your branding and will be able to recommend your service to others.

The Space on the Side of a truck screams billboard and being a work tool you are on the road everyday of the week. Trucks signs  are awesome for brand awareness and entice a maximum return on your investment. Call us today for a free quote!


Why Truck Signs?

  • Great branding tool everywhere you go
  • Cost effective, fraction of the billboard cost
  • Excellent for fleets
  • Very low cost per exposure
  • Design can be tailored to your budget

Types of Trucks Signs we do…

  • Truck Wraps
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Computer cut Decals
  • Tare Numbers
  • Truck Scrolls
  • Trailer Wraps
  • Truck and Dog Branding
  • Truck Curtains


How to get your Truck Signs Started???

To get your truck signs started all we need is a photo of your truck and some basic measurements to get the ball rolling. From seeing these and then acquiring the logo or branding guidelines from your corporation we can adapt the design to suit your vehicle. We can customise your Truck sign coverage to suit your budget.

We do onsite installations if you truck is too big to fit in our factory here at North Lakes.  Our shop is located in the industrial area North Lakes and is easily access for Trucks.  We can also do free onsite measure ups if required.


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